Board Meeting Highlights - Nov 27, 2018 |

Board Meeting Highlights - Nov 27, 2018

1.  The Board approved the Audited Financial Statements for the 2017-18 year.  Overall, the division was presented with a clean audit opinion from Avail LLP Accountants.  Total Alberta Education revenues for the year were $47,268,640 (92.89%).  Revenues were down $196,787 from the prior year, while expenditures were down around $324,810.  Overall, the actual deficit for the year came in at $160,028, which is $521,596 less than spring 2017 budget projections.  Contributors to the decreased deficit include carry forward of ALARIE funds ($246,000), an increase in the number of technology devices being leased versus purchased ($80,000), and reduced spending in the Plant Operations and Maintenance and Board and System Administration budgets.

2.  The Board approved the fall Revised 2018-19 Budget with a total projected deficit of $99,610, up from $23,375 in the spring.  Highlights of the budget include; a decrease of 6.5 full-time students (compared to spring projections), 0% funding increases for base grants, class size, Instruction, and Plant Operations and Maintenance, a 4% increase in funding for the rural transportation density rate, savings of $298,815 in transportation due to the elimination of 6 bus routes, allocated spending to support the two division goals of Literacy and Deeper Learning, and additional staffing (1.4 FTE) to support academy programming and a junior kindergarten program in Oyen.  It was noted that the division is projecting a 0.22% average decrease in enrolment over the next 5 years.

3.  The Board approved the 2017-18 AERR and 2018-21 Three-Year Education Plan.  Highlights of the plan include an overview of the two main PRSD goals (Literacy and Deeper Learning), PRSD overall achievement data, an overview of the strategies planned to accomplish and measure results in the five Alberta Education achievement categories, a look at the previous year’s highlights, trends and accomplishments, a financial overview, and a summary of the Capital Plan.  A two-page summary for trustees to share with their local school communities was also presented and can be found online (Summary: 2018-21 Three-Year Ed Plan and 2017-18 AERR).