Board Highlights - December 12, 2017 |

Board Highlights - December 12, 2017

  1. The Class Size Summary Report was presented to the board for information.  Overall, Prairie Rose class size numbers are in-line or below the ACOL (Alberta’s Commission on Learning) recommendations for division one, division two and division four.  It was explained that the district focus over the past few years has been on bringing the division one numbers in-line with the recommended ACOL guideline of 17 to 1.  The 2017-18 numbers for division one are 17.1 to 1 for core subjects.  The full Class Size Summary can be found online (Class Size).
  2. The Inclusive Education Accountability Report was presented to the board for information.  The report outlines the number of students who receive supports across the division, the allocation of funds and resources to provide supports, and learning/achievement outcomes for coded/inclusion students.  The report can be found online (Inclusive Education Report).
  3. The board approved an Eagle Butte field trip to Greece in the spring on 2019.  The trip will include stops in Athens, the Island of Rhodes and Mykonos.
  4. School Presentations
    1. The Irvine School junior high Foods class prepared a holiday lunch for the board and division office staff.
    2. The RMAP junior high students gave a presentation to the board about their school and various learning opportunities.  The student presentation highlighted programs, projects and initiatives the students have been participating in that focus on the three E’s (Engaged Thinkers, Ethical Citizens, with an Entrepreneurial Spirit) of the Ministerial Order.
    3. The RMAP division one students performed a couple of Christmas carols for the board.
    4. RMAP Principal Tracy Frank gave a brief report to the board about the school.  Highlights of her report include; an announcement that RMAP School will be receiving (through the Indigo Love of Reading grant) $10,000 worth of books of their choice, that the school has their first high school graduate (who has been hired to full-time at the school as an EA), and that several options are being considered to increase the number of evening students at the school.