About Our School

Jenner School is situated in a rural setting on the west boundary of Prairie Rose.  Our School consists of 33 students from grades K-9.  Although the area consists of numerous ranches, many people are also involved in the production of oil and natural gas.

Our staff at Jenner School consists of 3 teachers, one full-time secretary/librarian and two paraprofessionals who work with various students and early literacy programs.  We have one class of K – 2 with 12 students and one class of grade 3-5 with 13 students and one class of grade 6-9 with 8.  The three kindergarten students attend two/three days a week and are included in educational activities and school events.

Jenner School has traditionally emphasized instruction in the basics, with a variety of options offered in varying degrees, which are alternated from year to year.  There have been field trips to enhance education programs.  Due to the advancement of technology and Jenner Schools’ commitment to be current, students have been involved in an changing and dynamic learning community.

Jenner School is very fortunate to have an exceptional group of teachers and support staff who work very hard to make the school a great place to be.  By collaborating and combining the skills and talents of all school staff, Jenner School has been able to provide a very well rounded and comprehensive educational experience for our students